I’ll See You Again At Heaven’s Gate

Oh, why cant I just bring you back
if only for a while
To see your face and warm embrace
and lovely, beaming smile.

Oh, why can’t I just bring you back
surely, there’s a way?
But death it-selves, predestined fate
is etched in, each painful day.

Oh, why can’t I just bring you back
is there something I can do?
Cause I can’t stand another day
on earth here, without you.

Though, I can’t say, I’d give you back
once I had you here
Then, maybe if I had the chance
I could visit you up there.

But I can’t say, that I could leave
on my arrival there
I’m so confused, what would I do
it’s more than I could bear.

With us down here and you up there
how could, one choose?
Life at times, seems so unjust
cause either way, you’d lose.

And though I can’t accept life’s deal
I know, I’ll have to wait
With blinded faith, in Godly hands
I’ll SEE YOU AGAIN, at Heaven’s Gate.

Toni Kane



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