Happy Birthday in Heaven

Is there a party up in Heaven
To celebrate today?
Did angels frost a cake for you?
Or sing to start your day?

We’re celebrating you down here
As they must be above
We truly hope your special day
Is filled with peace and love.

This day was always special
As we gathered around you here
We’d sing and laugh and celebrate
Your day with so much cheer.

We miss those special moments
That we shared throughout the years
It’s hard to find that on this day
Our eyes now fill with tears.

We’re trying hard to smile for you
But, ohhh… that empty chair…
We turn around and find ourselves
Still shocked that you’re not there.

Please know we’re thinking of you
As we go throughout each day
This day is very special though
Because it’s your birthday.

Kelly A. Polley




  • The poems brought me to years,cause my son has been in Heaven since June 8 th.,2014,at a young age of 34.He was my baby,and I miss him so bad !

    • I understand My son passed 10/4/13? My one and only child. People say he’s in a better place. It means he’s no longer suffering with cancer eating up his body, I see him everywhere because spirit never dies.

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