He Must Have Life

I don’t wish for death to ease his pain
I am too selfish for that
He must have life

I must be able to hear of his life
He must continue to sing to me
I need to see his beautiful baby blues
sparkle and shine

I don’t want to just remember these things

Even in his pain they sparkle and shine

I need him to be here to show me who I am
To show me where I came from
If he left, part of me would leave
I would be someone different

I need to touch and hug him
To let him know how important he is

I don’t want to remember these things
To feel the pain that I will feel
when my memories of him start to fade

I want him here with us
I want him here with no pain
I love you, my Dad

All through my troubled and sad childhood,
through my rebellious adolescence
and through adulthood,
I always knew that you loved me

I hope you knew that I always loved you too

Author: Sharon




  • I lost my brother a year back till date it is very difficult to digest that his soul is in the other world.The world unknown to us.I know that world the so called heaven is so very beautiful where he is resting in pease.but the fact is there is no entry for me there, till God’s Alarm . Me Jealous brother.I want to come ad see the beautiful world.

  • I.miss my brother a lot who left us a year ago. He is in heaven the world unknown to us.can we meet at the last step of heaven

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