I made it home

(A poem for those who have lost a furbaby)

I just wanted to let you know that I made it home.
The journey wasn’t an easy one, but it didn’t take too long.

Everything is so pretty here, so white, so fresh and new
I wish that you could close your eyes and that you could see it too.

Please try not to be sad for me.
Try to understand God is taking care of me… I’m in the shelter of His hands.

Here there is no sadness, no sorrow, and no pain.
Here there is no crying and I’ll never hurt again.

Here it is so peaceful when all the angels sing.
I really have to go for now… I’ve just got to try my wings.

Author Unknown




  • Hey Mom it’s your little girl Foxy I’m being good & now I can see all my family here they came to greet me. Well I’m going to go now my friends want to play hide n seek mom just the way we used to play with me. I love u mom & dad ❤️ Lov your
    Foxy Little Mama

  • AmberJo left such a big hole in our hearts when she suddenly left us at only 8 years old. There will never be another kitty like her. She was such a lover and a real character. We’ll love her forever.

  • They have all gone before me and continue still. One day I want to make it to them and I know I always will. They are all memories now that tug at my heart, so wait one more day for me so we will never part. <3 Montana, Chance, Snickers, Ashley, Corey, Suzie, Zach, Matsi, Tess and your babies. I'll see you soon. ✨

  • My mom lift us 12-23-10 i just want to say mom i no your with ever night and day. That’s what gets thought all my pain. If your never here one day. I Dont no what i will do or say. I love and miss you mom. Your baby girl samantha

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