I Sat With You Today

I sat with you today you know,
I sat right in your chair,
I know I could not see you,
But I knew that you where there…

I couldn’t hear your voice at all,
But I heard every word that was spoken,
I sat with you today you know,
Calm, but yet so heart broken…

I know you follow me around,
I have known it from the start,
But sometimes l am afraid to look,
So heavy is my heart…

I often feel you touch my face,
Or think l feel you near,
But when l try to see you,
Its like you just simply disappear…

I love you more and more each day,
And beg for you to know,
I find it harder every day,
Just to let you go…

I sat with you today you know,
I’m sure that was your scent,
I cannot understand it though,
How you just suddenly went…

I’ll sit with you tomorrow,
If that’s ok with you,
Sometimes it feels the only thing
I still know what to do…
I love you ………..

Author: Paula Obrien




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