Love You Forever

I send you butterfly kisses
You don’t always know that I’m there
But it’s me peeking around the corner
or touching a strand of your hair.

I see you on days you are crying
or wishing we could talk once in a while
Even though I’m now in heaven
I still want to see you smile.

I visit at night when you’re sleeping
I come quietly into your dreams
And whisper words ever so softly
To say death is not what it seems.

I see you sometimes at the table
When you don’t know what I am there
As you gaze over at my picture
I hope you know how much I care.

I’m sending a hug from heaven
I wish you could feel it today
The love that we share is forever
Time and space can’t take it away.

Author Unknown



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  • Thank you so much for your wonderful poems they have helped comfort me so much. Your comforting words say what my heart screams but I cannot say.

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