The Passing of a Loved One

Although mere words cannot express,
The depth of loss we feel,
It sometimes helps to read a verse,
To aid the heart to heal.

We want to hold on and not let go,
The pain seems far to great.
Every fibre they mean to us,
we want to store and crate.

But life goes on with unwanted change,
To adapt and forge ahead,
Live the now with those still here,
Together the grief will shed.

Let fond memories that you have,
Heal with their warm glow,
The sorrow in your laden heart,
with time will surely go.

Our life on Earth is but a moment,
In God’s eternal plan.
The heavenly wonders that await our soul,
Is beyond the mortal man.

And when it’s time for us to pass,
reunions are in stall.
All of those that have gone before,
we’ll meet in heaven’s hall.

But till that time, be strong and sure,
And experience all you can.
Have zest for life and make it full,
Its part of God’s grand plan.

Bill Hoeneveld



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